Red Cloud Services

Red Cloud Services are a native american owned small disadvantaged business in Washington DC. We provide systems engineering services to the federal government.

CSDAJIJoint Procedures Automation Management SystemMTTDSPDOTNew NTD System for FTAAcquisition of ADMT SupportNew Grants Management Platform for Federal Transit AdministrationFTA PrismAFSAFS‐40 Quality Assurance Division Support ServicesAJFKSN SupportSoftware Solution DeliveryAJGStaffing Application Development SupportAJVAIM Laboratory Mission Support Systems DevelopmentDocument/eContent Management Support ServicesAIM‐IALOInformation Technology & Automation Planning SupportASPMobility ProgramApplication & Enterprise Data Services Group SupportSupport of the DMS for the FAA Office of Aviation Safety (AVS)Computer Systems Development Enterprise Arcitecture SupportFAA Web Management & IT Support ServicesATO Information Technology Enterprise Architecture SupportEISAVS Enterprise Architecture SupportIT‐SSSSIESS Software Design and DevelopmentAAPAviation Insurance Program SupportProgram Management Office Support ServicesAPOBusiness Plan Builder SupportAASOffice of Airport Safety & Standards, Airports Engineering AAS‐100 Program SupportAOCAOC WebMCSANGWeb Management & Communication SupportADEIntegrated Rulemaking Management Information SystemAEMRCISS EVM SystemDCCI Program SupportAJWFAACTS ExpansionAJRFAA Unmanned Aircraft System Event Tracking SystemAJMAGISD&TTechnical Editing Support for ANG‐E2Flight Standards Training Division AFS‐500AJMData Comm Program TrainingCSSAJWEngineering & Application Support ServicesWEB ADAPT Re‐HostNDP SupportJOES Software Support SustainmentASPInformation Technology Services Help Desk & Desk‐Side Transition Contract (HDTC)BETIS Messaging ServiceCorporate Work Plan Operations & Maintenance SupportFAA IS&P Program SupportProject Management Support for AIO InfrastructureITSCCRMSMessaging Operations & Problem Support ServicesRequirements and Prototype Development AFTFAA Enterprise Mobility Operations SupportAJVPoints and Holding Authoritative SourceSCAP and Configuration ManagementAISR & SAMS Programs of AIM Support ServicesAJRAIM‐R SystemOracle Database & NAS Performance Analysis Support ServicesAviation System Performance Metrics ASPMALOReport of Survey & Personal Property Program SupportProperty AutomationSAAAVPASIAS program support servicesANGNextGen Pre‐Implementation Project Management Support & Portfolio CoordinationAIFNetwork Services in Support of FAAAPOTAF Modernization & supportAEOC3 SupportAJMIndependent Verification & Validation Whitepaper for LCATS and SSDB SystemsCETAAAPSupport Services for Acquisition Policy GroupAQSAVS Enterprise ArchitectureAMKDELPHI Support ServicesBAMAHDFAA AHD‐100, Corporate Learning Programs for Learning ServicesAFSCMI Support for the SASO ProgramAVS/AFS Program Management & Technical SupportAviation Rulemaking Committee SupportOneBook Development Support ContractQMS & Audit Data AnalysisAFS‐60 Acquisition & Budget Support ServicesAFRAcquisition & FMFIA Compliance ReviewsAJMTerminal Support ServicesOptimize Performance of the Lighitng Systems TeamGround‐Based NAVAIDS & Lighting Systems Management Planning SupportTAMR All PhasesAJM‐3 Program Management & Integration SupportANGMITRE/CAASD Program Office SupportSE2020/2025 FFRDC & Grant Program SupportAdministrative & Advisory Services for JPDONexGen Research & Demonstration SupportsOffice of NextGen Research & Development Management Division Support ServicesNextGen Air Transportation System Program Management Office Performance & Outreach SupportALOProgram Facilities Management/Mass Additions/In‐Use Personal Property AccountabilityReal Estate Asset Management SupportARC Planning & Financial SupportLogistics Property Support ALO‐400 Personal Property Office Support Services Consolidation EffortLSSCAJWSafety and Technical Operations Support (S/OS) Directorate Administrative SupportAcquisition Support Services for AT Facilities & ATC Technical Training Team (AAQ‐310)Non‐Federal Program Strategic PlanSupply Chain OptimizationESA TECHOPS Director Admin SupportData Management Team Air Traffic Business Model SupportProgram & Financial Systems Support ServicesNEO Financial ServicesAcquisition Career Management Office SupportTechnical & Administrative Support for PSGAPPFAA ARP Audit Review & Response ServicesStrategy Development, Implementation, Performance Analysis & ReportingProvide Financial Management Support for the ATC Facilities EOSH Services & Facility Security GroupAQSAVS Telework/Management Team SupportAVS Internation CommunicationsPolicy, Training Development & Delivery Logistics Support ServicesASPISO 9001 SupportOffice of Information Technology Shared Services (AIT) Enterprise‐Wide Acquisition Contract SupportOffice of Information and Technology (AIT EPMS) with ATOMS SupportInformation Technology Strategic Planning & Management SupportOffice of Information & Technology (AIT) Enterprise Information Management SupportOffice of Information and Technology (AIT EPMS) SISO‐FDS SupportBusiness Partnership Services SupportContract & Financial Management SupportAsset & Contract Strategy Management SupportAFNAcquisition and Business Services (ACQ) and the Office of Finance & Management (AFN) Support ServicesISO & SMS Implementation & BBSAJGDiversity Management & SupportATO Strategy & Performance Technical Support ServiceATO Organizational Effectiveness Office Support ContractBusiness Process Improvement Office SupportATO Administration & Talent Management Program SupportAdministrative, Analyst & Program Management Support for the ATOAJRFAA ATO Strategy & Performance (AJG) Technical Support ServicesAOCATO Communications Office Support ContractAAMFinancial Support for CAMIABPIP&A Cost Analysis SupportAdministrative, Data Analyst & Communications SupportAJA Comptroller & Office of Planning & Business Process Reengineering‐ Financial Support ServicesHuman Resources & Administrative SupportFAA Chief Information Officer Business Management SupportBITSFAMSDOTSIR Development for Power ServicesAHPAdministrative Support ServicesAHR HQ Professional ServicesWork‐Life Program & Administrative SupportAAPAcquisition & Business Services Unit Support ServicesATO System Operations Support ServicesAMS Investment Decision Supported DMS Support ServicesAAP‐200 EVM Support ContractCINP Budget & Financial Management SupportACROffice of Civil Rights (ACR) EEO Program Management SupportARPARP Business Process SupportAJIATO Office of Technical Training Professional Support ServicesARMRegulatory Support ProjectsAVPOrganizational & Programmatic Support for AVPAcquisition Support Services for FAA Field OperationsAJVProgram Management SupportPRINT System Support ServicesESAJWNISG Systems Engineering & Development ServicesNAFIS Flight Inspection Engineering Hardware/Software Techincal SupportNextGen Facilities Service Risk & Enterprise ArchitectureEmerging Systems‐Architecture & Systems Engineering SupportRCM ‐ Work in PLAATO Program Management SupportNDP Flight Data Consolidated Systems Support ServicesFAA NDP Flight Data Systems SupportNDP Flight Data Programs ADAPT Support ServicesNAS Cyber Rist Management SupportEngineering & Technical Support ServicesNEO Directorate Support ServicesNDP Flight Data Program Installation SupportNational Engineering SupportFlight Inspection Services Technical SupportSEASAJW‐13 NISG NextGen Team Support servicesSESPSATO ITSS Engineering Services and Program SupportSIG SupportNDP Flight Data Infractructure Support ServicesNDP Flight Data Program SupportASTAST Engineering SupportAJVEnvironmental Analysis & NEPA Document Preparation in Support of Airspace Redesign of NY, NJ, PhiladelphiaProgram & SMS SupportEnvironmental Noise Specialist Support to the ATO, Office of Airspace Management & Regulation (AJV‐11)AJTATC Automation T&E Support ServicesTerminal ATC Automation T&E ServicesAHBAHR‐100, Office of Human Resource ManagementAJMTAMR Seg 1/2, with mid‐Term SupportAir Traffic Management Programs Systems/Performance Engineering & Technical SupportAir Traffic Systems Technical SupportT‐3 Portfolio Support ServicesProgram/Financial Management & Systems Engineering Support ServicesCommunications Engineering & Business Support ServicesAJRAviation Weather Operational Impact Analysis Support ServicesNAS Task Order Management Support ServicesAMLCBP PSF SupportANGAirspace & Procedures Analysis & RedesignANG‐C1 Human Factors Research Support for Safety in ATC Operations & System DevelopmentNextGen Program Management & Systems Engineering SupportProgrammatic & Systems Engineering SupportLow Cost Ground SurveillanceNextGen Test BedRunway Safety Technology Assessment & Systems Engineering SupportAJGOffice of Safety Support ServicesSeparation Standards Analysis Support TasksTechnical Support for Advanced Structures & Materials SectionAFSTechnical, Engineering, Administrative, & Programatic Support ServicesRegulatory Support Division Technical SupportASPFAA Enterprise Architecture SupportAQSAVS QMS SupportAVS Evironmental Program SupportATC Automation T&EFAA NextGen Strategic Engineering Support ServicesIDSR T&E Support ServicesNavigation Test & Evaluation SupportSupport to UAS Control Station & Ground‐to‐Ground Voice Communication NetworkATSAAMMachinist for CAMIAir Traffic Controller Subject Matter SupportAJVSMS Studies Plan Required under the FAA Modernization & Reform Act of 2012UAS Integration in the NASAJWProvide assistance for Material Handler/Parts Expediter SupportProgram Support for Techs OpsALOREMS SupportR&DAAMAir Traffic Control Human Factors Research SupportANGJPDO Specialized Technical SupportAvGas Aviation Research & Development Program Technical SupportAVPFinancial & Benefit Analysis Metrics SupportIntegrated Saftey Assessment Model/System Safety Management TransformationATC Support for Airport Facilities Terminal Integration (AFTIL)M&RAJWAircraft Modification Support ServicesAcquisition Support Services for FAA Field Operations

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